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Charles F Farrell

Charles F Farrell


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Charles Farrell is a fee-based investment fiduciary, financial advisor, founder & CEO of 65RETIRE Wealth Managers, an independent financial services company serving Orange County, CA based in Irvine, CA (at Spectrum Center) and Newport Beach, CA (at Fashion Island).

The company's financial advisors work on a referral basis with tax & legal professionals and business owners, assisting their clients & employees in preparation for retirement. The company also assists families and individuals searching for professional guidance and advice, and with individuals who have already retired.

What’s Important to Know

Our Broker/Dealer Parent Company: Ladenburg Thalmann (NYSE MKT: LTS)

135 years as a NYSE member, 6th oldest member on record, 4,000 advisors, $125 billion in total client assets Click Here

Our Broker Dealer Affiliation: Securities America, one of the nation’s largest independent broker/dealers, wholly owned by Ladenburg Thalmann Click Here

Custodian of our Clients’ Assets: Fidelity Investments (National Financial Services). Fidelity Investments (NFS) prints and mails client statements.

Compliance Oversight (Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction): Cooper McManus (CM) provides compliance oversight of 65RETIRE Wealth Managers. Click Here

Our Compliance Record: No Disclosures on Broker Check Click Here

Governmental Agencies Providing Oversight & Enforcement: FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and SEC (U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission)                

Advisor’s Background:

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How to Choose an Advisor—What You Must Know

-Charles Farrell is an Investment Fiduciary, required to act in the best interests of his clients. Not all financial advisors are investment fiduciaries. Click Here

65RETIRE Wealth Managers was created to address one of the most pressing financial problems in America – the Retirement Deficit™ faced by so many. Born in the height of the baby boom years, Charles Farrell, the founder of 65RETIRE Wealth Managers, understands the challenges faced by today’s aspiring retirees. An aging U.S. population, rising healthcare costs, and economic uncertainty make planning for retirement increasingly difficult. But with the right tools, comfortable retirement is still absolutely attainable.

Our team of advisors seek to provide simple and remarkably affordable retirement planning.

The core of retirement planning comes down to two questions:

  • How much have you saved for retirement?
  • How much will you need for retirement?

In large part, retirement planning proceeds from the answers to these questions. At 65RETIRE Wealth Managers, we are dedicated to helping successful individuals determine what they want out of retirement and how to maintain their lifestyles in retirement and not outlive their wealth.

While many people say today’s retirees are experiencing the “new normal” - a vastly different retirement than those of our parents and grandparents - we believe the traditional retirement dream can still be realized with diligent saving and planning.

We invite you to explore our site to learn just how easy preparing for retirement can be. If you any questions or comments, please contact us on our website or by telephone at 1-888-65-RETIRE (1-888-657-3847).