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Business Retirement Plans

It can be challenging for employers to establish and maintain a cost-effective retirement plan for their employees while mitigating employer fiduciary liability. The Makes Sense 401(k) Plan, a multiple employer plan, is designed to help businesses offer a cost-effective retirement plan to their employees. This multiple employer retirement (MEP) plan uses the economies of scale of multiple companies to leverage their collective strength in ways that often cannot otherwise be accomplished. The Makes Sense 401K Plan is a fully-integrated, customizable, turn-key retirement plan designed to reduce employer and personal fiduciary liability. 

Based on the unique structure of this plan, employer fiduciary liability is reduced through the use of two pre-existing plan fiduciaries: Fiduciary Doctors, LLC and Capital Management Services (CMS). Fiduciary Doctors, LLC is the ERISA 3(16) Plan Administrator. CMS is the ERISA 3(38) Investment Manager to the Plan. The Plan utilizes Mid-Atlantic Trust Company to provide custodial services. All fees and expenses are fully disclosed within the Joinder Agreement. The Master Trust structure is designed to meet the unique needs of each individual adopting employer.

"Although Open MEPs are being discussed as something new, they are clearly a continuation of the established MEP plan structure. The advantages they offer should be a consideration for any employer exploring their fiduciary and administrative options".

- Fred Reisch, Partner
Drinker Biddle

Open Multiple Employer Plans: Tax and ERISA Considerations
A White Paper, Sept 2011

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