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Long-Term Care

The odds of you losing your home to fire are 3%; totaling your car 18%; and needing long-term care before you die 72%.* As you can see, a retirement plan isn’t complete without a plan for long-term care.

Long-term care can assist with the activities of daily living - expenses that are not covered by Medicare. For Medicaid to pay, you would have to become destitute.

Long-term care can be very expensive. It can also cause physical and emotional stress to family members who are giving the care. A long-term care insurance policy can give the control back to you. You can stay in your home, utilize assisted living, adult daycare, or other options. Money may also be provided to modify your home to make it easier and safer in which to live. Remember, you cannot buy a long-term care policy—you have to qualify for it, and you qualify for it with your health.

We can help you evaluate long-term care and determine appropriate options for you and your family.

*Source: Sourcebook for Long-Term Care Insurance, American Association For Long-Term Care Insurance.