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Portfolio Management

Take 5-minutes and listen to An Introduction to Fact-Based Investing which explains our simple-yet-complete security selection and market timing strategy, providing guidance on when to be defensive and when to be offensive and, when we are offensive, how to construct high-performance portfolios using low-cost Index and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Performance data available upon request. Please contact us with your questions.  

Market Indicators and Performance of Our Client Portfolios

We utilize three major market indicators to reveal the relationship of supply and demand factors to anticipate the direction of the financial markets: 1) The Bull-Bear (BB) Indicators, 2) The Quarterly Trend (QT) Indicator, and 3) The US Intermediate-Term (IT) Indicator. Our indicators are updated quarterly on this website but change frequently. For the latest status of our indicators, please schedule a consultation.

Click here to view our Market Indicators Summary Page and Asset Rankings

A summary of all our market indicators and asset rankings. For a more detailed explanation of our analysis, please schedule a consultation.

Click here to view our Bull-Bear (BB) Indicators

Our BB Indicators monitor the major financial markets: 1) US Equities, 2) Gold, 3) Energy, 4) International Equities, 5) Real Estate, and 6) Bonds/Fixed Income. Historical buy-sell dates are noted. Historical performance by market is listed below. For a detailed explanation of our inputs and performance, please schedule a consultation.

Performance of Our Market Indicators

Historical performance of our major market indicators are listed below.

Click here to view our BB Indicator US Equities Performance

Click here to view our BB Indicator Risk Managed Gold Performance

Click here to view our BB Indicator Multi-Sector Bond Model Performance

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Performance of our Client Portfolios

Historical performance of our client model portfolios are listed below, separated by risk level. Client model portfolios are a mix of our four market indicators above. Mixing multiple indicators within our client model portfolios is intended to increase risk adjusted returns.

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